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Kogelberg Bio Reserve:

Considering the water crisis in Cape Town and the looming Day Zero, I thought I would write a post on our stay at Kogelberg Nature Reserve a while ago. The structures are designed with a low impact on the environment and uses minimal amounts of water. This makes for the perfect eco getaway, whether you would like to contribute to water saving in the Western Cape or continue being a water warrior when on holiday!

Oudebosch at Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Design Thinking:

Oudebosch cabins are located in a fairly isolated and remarkably unspoilt landscape within the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

Palmiet River tributaries
Palmiet River tributaries

The structure were designed to have a minimal effect on the existing eco-systems. As an Snr Architectural Technologist, with an appreciation for sustainable design, I was in awe of the design and structures. The design of the cabins are so that they sit unobtrusively in the landscape with its grass roofs, timber and glass aesthetics. All the cabins are linked with wooden walkways. There is a natural swimming pool that uses no chlorine.

Kogelberg nature reserve Eco pool
Eco pool

Kogelberg Nature Reserve Green Design:

There are only five cabins in site in Kogelberg Nature Reserve, which makes it slightly more exclusive and quiet. I booked two of the five cabins on site for our family stay. We stayed in Everlasting and Iris cabins. Everlasting Daisy is located furthest away from the rest of the cabins and pool, so it is less noisy. The cabin sleeps four and the spacious open plan living areas can comfortably accommodate four adults.

Kogelberg Cabin Exteriors
Oudebosch Cabin Exteriors

Full height glazed panels and sliding doors blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. This allows for uninterrupted views of the Hottentots Holland Mountain Range. There is a fireplace inside and a large area outside for braai’s (barbeques). The kitchenette opens up onto a large wooden deck, perfect for alfresco dining.

Cabins are designed with (soil) self-composting toilets, so there is no flushing of water. Due to these non flush toilets, it is essential to keep the air-conditioning running in the shower room to avoid unpleasant smells. The geysers make use of solar power to heat the water.

I loved the modern yet minimalistic interiors with the use of natural materials. The interiors included slatted wooden shower floors and a light fixture and lampshades made with glass bottles.

Kogelberg Cabin Interiors
Oudebosch Cabin Interiors

There was no cellphone reception at the cabins, so we needed to drive closer to the entrance gate at the road if we wanted reception, but I usually prefer this when going on weekend breaks.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve Activities:

Swimming in the outdoor pools are for patrons staying in the cabins. Birds and other creatures love coming into the cabins or sitting right outside the door! If you are a bird watcher, you do so from your cabin.

Birds in Kogelberg nature reserve
Birds in the reserve

There are quite a few hiking trials in the reserve, so you will see day hikers passing by during the day. On a hot day, you can go swimming in river/pools along route.

Kogelberg nature reserve river streams
Kogelberg river streams

If you are a runner, the running along paths in the reserve is perfect for clearing your head or just appreciating your surroundings.

We are only visiting:

Remember,you are in a reserve and could possible encounter some animals on your stay. My father went for his Saturday morning run and was chased by a local baboon. Even though we all had a good laugh about it, baboons are dangerous, and you should steer clear of them! ( My father has run the Comrades Ultra marathon a few times, so he outran the baboon 😊) There are leopards in the reserve, but we unfortunately we did not see any.

How to get there:

It is located less than 100 kilometers from Cape Town. You can get there via the N2, along a scenic coastal route past Betty’s Bay, with beautiful views of the ocean. Contact Cape Nature for bookings.

Kogelberg Proteas
Kogelberg Proteas

The last word:

I will be looking to find more eco and water saving accommodation in future to stay at. Also refer to my post on our stay at Platbos Forest.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve is a UNESCO world heritage site and day visits are possible. Tread lightly and leave no trace. Adventure awaits!

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