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Visiting London was long overdue. When one of my best friends decided to visit London this summer, we decided a reunion was in order. We chose to fly Emirates and stopover in Dubai. This also afforded us the opportunity to fly on the Airbus A380, which I have been wanting to fly in for a while. I enjoyed flying on this double-decker aircraft, the spaciousness and in-flight comforts, definitely made the long haul flight more pleasant. This was my third time flying with Emirates airlines, and they did not disappoint, their service was superior, as always.

The first thing I noticed being back in London, is the ever changing skyline. Once dominant buildings are dwarfed by noticeably impressive skyscrapers. Quite a few of these skyscrapers have rooftop bars, which offer spectacular views over London city. It’s a good way too see a few of the main city sights at once, and have a pint or two.

The Shard.
This photo of London depicts a typical grey sky, one which I have missed so much.

The Shard is currently the tallest building in London, standing 95 storeys tall, it offers dramatic views over the city. Entrance to the bar on level 33, is free and no reservation is required.








Gin Bars are quite popular in London right now. I visited the stylish  Graphic Bar in Soho, which was recommended by a friend, as they have one of the largest selections of Gin in London. I love that you can enjoy your gin cocktail with a side serving of modern urban art. Of the Gin’s I tried, Monkey 47 Gin was definitely one of the better ones.

Paint pot cocktail


No visit to London is complete without shopping. My first stop was to do some vintage shopping was Portobello road market. It is every vintage and antiques lover’s dream. While I went in search of unique vintage clothing, by hubby went looking for unique antiques. I managed to bag this vintage coat to add to my classic wardrobe collection. As it can become quite crowded over the weekends, I recommend visiting on a weekday, to avoid the crowds.

Photo credit: Pursuing.Pictorialism

One of the quaint houses in Notting Hill, on the way to the market.

My last evening in London was spent going to a concert. There are always top artists and bands performing in London and I was over the moon that my trip co-coincide with Adele’s World Tour, which ended in the UK. We were fortunate enough to see her perform live and it was it was definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

Goodbye my beloved London, where to next?

Ps. My recommended local chocolate to try is Green & Blacks organic chocolate and Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles.


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